Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Face

On June 5 I made my debut in porn well professionally with Macho Fucker, and was paired with someone who is just my type short, sexy, Latin, and more then will to please. Baby face. Baby face is a newcomer to MF as well and well on his way to being a star, he can take dick for hours and as i said before is always will to please!!!!! the shoot was fun for my first time everything went smooth and it was nothing like what i had con-cocked in my head, baby face was nice and is so sexy in person we had fun before during and after filming ended. I pounded baby face for hours and he love every min of it as his ass was cumming all over my dick as i pushed further and further with every inch. the last 10 mins for the film breath taking

So Be Sure To Check out Slayer & Baby Face in "Fucked Beyond Stupid"   

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